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    • Non-machinable surcharge
      I got a marketing letter from a colleague yesterday. Not a sales pitch, just an update on what they were up to. I was delighted to discover that this mass mailing had a hand-lettered address on it, with little bits of water color for fun. It was slightly irregularly shaped, requiring an extra stamp because […]
    • Lucky breaks
      Almost every project comes in a little bit late and a little bit over budget. When things break, the breaks are rarely lucky ones. Part of the reason is that in proposing the project we made our best guess and predicted the predictable. If we didn’t, the project would probably never get approved. Optimists bring […]
    • Abstain from abstaining
      Even when you’re not completely certain. Because we can never be certain about the future. So we show up for the work, do the reading, engage with the problem. The challenge is to find a point of view if we don’t have one yet. The exception is simple: if, after being well informed, you are […]
    • Five useful questions
      They might be difficult to answer, but your project will benefit: What’s the hard part? Which part of your work, if it suddenly got much better, would have the biggest impact on the outcome you seek? How are you spending your time? If we took at look at your calendar, how much time is spent […]
    • False equivalencies
      It’s a pointless form of argument. “This scientist made a careless error in their paper, therefore we need to excuse a con artist who falsified an entire career.” Or, “that restaurant served fish that got someone sick, therefore, there’s no reason for there to be a health inspection at my restaurant or any other one […]
    • The airline mile hoax
      First: If you’re a frequent flyer on American and haven’t flown in over a year, it’s possible your miles are going to expire very soon. You can fix this by “donating” 2,500 miles here. In the US, private lotteries are against the law. A lottery is a random drawing for a prize of value that […]
    • Disenchantment
      It originally means, “no longer believing in magic.” Humans like magic. It gives us solace and energy and hope. In many ways, the rational era of science and engineering and evidence and proof eliminated any practical belief in magical forces. We know how and why the sun sets every night. But we still desire magic. […]