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    • Sonic Mania is currently free on the Epic Games Store
      It's very much a case of 'gotta go faster' this week on the Epic Games Store, where Sega's masterful retro platformer reimagining Sonic Mania and the excellent old-school arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo are both currently free.2017's Sonic Mania, if it somehow managed to pass you by, sees developer Christian Whitehead and team serving up a sumptuous smorgasbord of classic side-scrolling…
    • Apex Legends is bringing back original Kings Canyon in a Collection Event
      Following various not-so-subtle teases from the Apex Legends Twitter account, Respawn has announced that the original Kings Canyon map is returning in an upcoming Collection Event. Oh, and everyone's favourite murder site, Skull Town, is being introduced as an Arenas map. The Genesis Collection Event kicks off on 29th June and lasts until 13th July, offering a bunch of new paid cosmetics (and what…
    • Get Resident Evil Village free with a Samsung SSD
      Samsung is running a new promotion that will allow you to claim a free copy of Resident Evil Village on PC when you buy one of its SSDs.Although you can choose from a handful of Samsung's highly-rated SATA and NVMe SSDs - as well as take your pick from various retailers participating in the offer - the best deal is currently available at Scan where you can get a 1TB Samsung 870 QVO for £71.99.Buy…
    • Uh-oh, Valheim's monsters are now even more aggressive
      Cowering in terror used to be one of my absolute favourite strategies during my early Valheim days, but from now on it seems that will be a less viable tactic. Developer Iron Gate is introducing some enemy AI tweaks to make monsters more aggressive, which should encourage them to start barging into your base. How rude.The latest Valheim patch notes explain that the new update will fix several AI…
    • Mario Golf: Super Rush review - nice additions, but the magic still lies with the basics
      Why did Mario get the golf gig back in the day? I have thought about this often playing Super Rush, the latest instalment in the Mario Golf series. Mario Golf remains a fantastic idea, obviously: I begrudge Mario nothing. And in truth I struggle to imagine Link and co. finding too much inclination to go putting when Ganon has risen once more and the sky is on fire. Yet again and again over the…
    • Team Fortress 2 update takes aim at the game's bot problem - again
      It's time for the latest chapter in Valve's ongoing battle with Team Fortress 2 bots: this week sees a new update that should, in theory, make bot behaviour slightly less annoying.As detailed on the Team Fortress 2 updates page, TF2 was patched on Tuesday with a number of measures that should limit what bots get up to when in-game. There's now a tool to control how many times players can change…
    • Microsoft set to reveal Windows 11 today
      Microsoft will reveal Windows 11 today at 4pm UK time.Much of the latest version of Microsoft's operating system has leaked already, showing off design changes including a new start menu and rounded corners. We'll get the official look this afternoon.According to The Verge, Microsoft will open up its store to any Windows app, which means apps such as Chrome will be available for the first…
    • Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.23: is the game fit for its PSN comeback?
      Delisted from the PlayStation Store in December last year, Cyberpunk 2077 has finally re-emerged on Sony's storefront, available to buy once more for PS4, PS4 Pro and PlayStation 5. Removed from sale over its many bugs and performance problems, its re-arrival suggests that the game has significantly improved since launch - and at the very least, it should not crash back to the PS4 front-end,…
    • Kerbal Space Program gets a free next-gen update this autumn
      Kerbal Space Program gets a free next-gen update this autumn, Private Division has announced.Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition hits PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S with improved framerate, advanced shaders, better textures and an upgraded resolution, Private Division said. There's also full support for mouse and keyboard.Here's the enhancements blurb:Read more
    • The first Paralympics video game out today
      The first Paralympics video game comes out today. The Pegasus Dream Tour is the first project from JP Games, a new company founded by Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata. The free smartphone game, licenced by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), launches on iOS and Android.Read more