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    Lawyers, Guns and Money is a politics and culture blog with an academic focus.

    • The Freaks Come Out Every Day
      In addition to everything else, MAGA people are just incredible weirdos: Alert viewers will observe that Biden is appearing on a nationally broadcast talk show with its host, which is a rather idiosyncratic definition of “alone,” but this would be completely insane even if the description was accurate! Who could possibly give a shit or […] The post The Freaks Come Out Every Day appeared first on…
    • A Possible Breakthrough for Starbucks Workers United?
      In the wake of Hot Union Summer and the UAW strike, it’s definitely been a very busy and unusually positive period for the American labor movement. In all of the hullabaloo, however, the Starbucks Workers United drive which began in 2022 has somewhat fallen below the radar. This is for the mostly understandable reason that, […] The post A Possible Breakthrough for Starbucks Workers United?…
    • Julie Su on AI in Hollywood
      Senate Democrats are once again moving to confirm Julie Su as Secretary of Labor. Corporate America is freaking out because they hate her with fiery passion. She went after tech companies after all. If you needed a stronger reason why someone should be Secretary of Labor, having all of capital hating you as good as […] The post Julie Su on AI in Hollywood appeared first on Lawyers, Guns & Money.
    • Me and Mrs. Self-Owns
      Thanks to commentarion littlegreen for pulling this xeet into the comments yesterday. I want to make sure the readers who skip the comments see McGarbles announcing that she is so bad at her job that editors at The Atlantic had to run around underneath her with a big safety net. Also, The Atlantic is pathetically […] The post Me and Mrs. Self-Owns appeared first on Lawyers, Guns & Money.
    • New Frontiers in Capitalism: Surge Testing Fast Food Prices
      I fail to see how this is really going to work for fast food companies, but this seems to be where we are in capitalism. Wendy’s is looking to test having the prices of its menu items fluctuate throughout the day based on demand, implementing a strategy that has already taken hold with ride-sharing companies and ticket sellers. […] The post New Frontiers in Capitalism: Surge Testing Fast Food…
    • Try that in a small town
      I’m a big Paul Krugman fan, but I really don’t get his puzzlement here: Progress isn’t painless. Business types and some economists may talk glowingly about the virtues of creative destruction, but the process can be devastating economically and socially for those who find themselves on the destruction side of the equation. This is especially […] The post Try that in a small town appeared first on…
    • Memorializing the Black Panthers
      Interesting project here on Chicago activists creating a historical memory project for the Black Panthers work in that city, which most notably included Fred Hampton, assassinated by J. Edgar Hoover’s thugs. The walls of the Church of the Epiphany in Chicago are two feet thick, made of red-brown sandstone from the upper peninsula of Michigan. […] The post Memorializing the Black Panthers appeared…