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    • Grammys remove Taylor Swift and others from Olivia Rodrigo nomination
      In the last adjustment to that of this year Grammy nominations, Taylor Swift and two of her associates were taken off the ballot as songwriters on Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour”, which is in the running for album of the year.Why? Months after the release of “Sour,” Swift, Jack Antonoff and Annie Clark (better known as St. Vincent) were added to credits from Rodrigo’s song “Deja Vu” after similarities…
    • Jussie Smollett tells jury he didn't direct a fake attack on himself
      Jussie Smollett spoke on Monday in a bid to convince a Chicago jury he didn’t have orchestrate a hate crime against himself but, on the contrary, was the victim both of a real attack and of the haste of the police to judge him by indicting him.Mr Smollett, 39, submitted to questioning in his own trial to refute the testimony of two key witnesses, Abimbola Osundairo and Olabinjo Osundairo, brothers…
    • Trump's media company investigated the PSPC deal
      That month, a small investment bank, Kingswood Capital Markets, which has frequently partnered with ARC, made a presentation to members of Benessere’s board of directors. Marked “strictly private and confidential,” the submission, reviewed by The Times, listed about a half-dozen possible acquisition targets. One of them was Trump Media. Kingswood, now called EF Hutton, estimated that Trump…
    • Supply chain issues cause small retailers to gamble on hoarding
      Megan Searfoss racked up sneakers in Connecticut.Ms Searfoss, owner of two running stores in Darien and Ridgefield, Connecticut, would normally have around 3,000 pairs of shoes in stock before the holiday season. But as she watched supply chain problems in Vietnam mount this summer and into the fall, she secured a new storage facility and now transports around 4,100 pairs.It’s a costly bet for Ms…
    • $ 1.5 million homes in California
      Sacramento | $ 1.45 millionA Colonial Revival style home built in 1937, with four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, on 0.2 acre lotThis home is on Land Park Drive, a wide, tree-lined street named after Land Park, an activity center that includes the Sacramento Zoo, a fairy-tale-themed amusement park, and a rock garden built in 1940 as part of a WPA project. Public colleges and high schools are…
    • Russian ransomware companies in hiding in plain sight
      MOSCOW – When cyber detectives tracked down the millions of dollars that US businesses, hospitals and city governments paid to online extortionists as ransom, they made a revealing discovery: At least some of it went through one of the addresses most prestigious commercial centers in Moscow.The Biden administration also focused on the building, Federation Tower East, the tallest skyscraper in the…
    • After eight wolves were poisoned, Oregon police seek help
      Oregon Wildlife Soldiers found five wolves dead in February, followed by a sixth in March, a seventh in April and an eighth in July.At that time, they knew the animals had been killed by poisoning. Now state police are begging the public for help, claiming authorities have “exhausted leads in the case.”Oregon State Police last week urged anyone with advice or information about the poisonings to…
    • Why New York State is experiencing a Bitcoin boom
      A bitcoin mining operation opens this month northeast of Niagara Falls on the site of the last operating coal-fired power plant in New York State.Statewide, a former aluminum factory in Massena, already one of the largest cryptocurrency sites in the United States, is expanding.And to Owego, a metal recycling tycoon with 11.3 million Instagram followers makes a serious start-up with banks of…
    • NASA announces 10 new astronaut recruits
      About 12,000 people submitted nominations for this year’s group. New astronaut candidates are sworn in amid an increase in manned spaceflight activity, with wealthy tourists and private astronauts more frequently launching into space aboard government and private spacecraft.Wednesday, Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire, and a film producer will launch a Russian rocket to the International…
    • Chanel, TikTok and the Beauty Advent Calendar Controversy
      Hell doesn’t have a fury like a social media mob that thinks they’ve identified a luxury scam.At least that’s what it seemed this weekend, when a series of viral TikTok videos involving an $ 825 Chanel advent calendar and the disappointed customer who bought it went viral, inspiring a multitude of users to criticize the brand. Or rather, everywhere on his Instagram page.In a way, this is just the…