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    • Christian Eriksen Will Get Defibrillator; Denmark Falls to Belgium
      The fans cheered for Christian Eriksen in Copenhagen’s streets and parks, and they called out his name in the stands at Parken Stadium. And, in the 10th minute, the players from Denmark and Belgium even stopped their match to cheer for him right alongside them.They all cheered loud enough, in that moment, that Eriksen probably could have heard them if he opened the window in his hospital room less…
      37 minutes ago
    • America’s Old Believers Need to Move Past Donald Trump
      Let us speak of the Old Believers, clingers to their God and guns, to the old pronouns and the heterosexual marriages. Theirs is still, despite all, a Norman Rockwell version of things—manifest, for example, in a primitive confidence in the doctor who, once upon a time, would swat a newborn’s rump and announce, with hieratic certitude, “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl.” The Old Believers did not think…
    • John Body: Context on lifeguarding
      Published: 6/16/2021 1:27:20 PMJust to add some context, Northampton Pool lifeguards were laid off in May 2020. Since we must be recertified by the Red Cross every two years, most of us had to go through recertification in May 2021. That required 10 hours of online training and then over seven hours of training at the pool in CPR, IED use, First Aid, and water rescue. And we had to pay $100 for…
    • Could the U.S. Have Saved More Lives? 5 Alternate Scenarios for the Vaccine Rollout
      There is much to celebrate about America’s vaccine rollout.The government bet big on vaccines, committing to buying millions of doses even before a vaccine was approved. Now, about 44 percent of the United States population has been fully vaccinated, far more than many other countries. While other nations struggle to obtain vaccines needed to stop outbreaks, the United States has a surplus, and is…
    • House Passes Bill to Make Juneteenth a Federal Holiday
      Proponents in both parties said the move was long overdue.“For far too long, the story of our country’s history has been incomplete, as we have failed to acknowledge, address and come to grips with our nation’s original sin of slavery,” said Senator Edward J. Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts and a lead sponsor of the bill.Senator John Cornyn, Republican of Texas, who pushed for passage, said he…
    • Soho China Sells to Blackstone, Cementing Owners' Exit
      China’s economy is on a tear. Factories are humming, and foreign investment is flowing in. Even so, the wealthy and powerful people atop some of the country’s most prominent companies are heading for the exits.The latest are Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin, the husband-and-wife team that runs Soho China, a property developer known for its blobby, futuristic office buildings. In striking a deal this week…
    • For Biden, Europe Trip Achieved 2 Major Goals. And Then There's Putin and Russia.
      GENEVA — President Biden had three big tasks to accomplish on his first foreign trip since taking office: Convince the allies that America was back, and for good; gather them in common cause against the rising threat of China; and establish some red lines for President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, whom he called his “worthy adversary.”He largely accomplished the first, though many European leaders…
    • The new government is expected to hold the line on big security issues.
      Members of the new Israeli government put together by Naftali Bennett, the new prime minister, have referred to their coalition as a “government of change.” But a big question is whether there will be changes in Israel’s foreign and defense policies, which have been almost exclusively controlled by Benjamin Netanyahu since 2009, when he began his last term in office.Most of the members of the…