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    YourBoatHoliday, travel portal dedicated to the sea and its lovers was born from the desire to transmit and share a passion, that has transformed itself in a professional and qualified service of boat booking.

    • 10 Days Yacht Charter Itinerary in the Dodecanese
      In the middle of the Aegean Sea are located the 12 islands of the Dodecanese archipelago, between the island of Crete, the Cyclades archipelago, and the coast of Asia Minor (Turkey). It is an ideal destination to reach aboard a yacht or a catamaran to discover its ancient culture, rustic landscapes, crystal clear water expanses, enchanting ports, and a mosaic ... Read More The post 10 Days Yacht…
    • Day Charter in the Grenadines
      Are you going on a holiday to the Grenadines? Spend a day sailing their waters aboard a charter boat! The Grenadines are a Caribbean archipelago made up of volcanic origin islands located in the heart of the Lesser Antilles between the autonomous island states of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the north and Grenada to the south. Most of ... Read More The post Day Charter in the Grenadines…
    • The South of France Summer Events Not-to-be-missed During your Charter
      Music festivals, concerts, fireworks displays, sporting events, and much more. All this characterizes the summer season of the French Mediterranean coast, in particular the renowned French Riviera. Those who rent a yacht or boat in the south of France and navigate these waters during the summer thus have a huge choice of events not to miss and directions to take ... Read More The post The South…
    • Yacht Charters with Catering On Board in Miami
      Why choose a catering service for your onboard event in Miami? Catering is a service that goes very well with boat and yacht rental, especially for events that last only one day such as family celebrations, anniversaries, stag/hen parties, or even corporate events. However, this type of service is also available for longer cruises and sea voyages. CONTACT US FOR ... Read More The post Yacht…
    • 10 Days Charter Itinerary Naples to Naples, Italy
      Discover Naples gulf with our wonder boat itinerary! One of the symbolic cities of southern Italy, Naples is characterized by a millenary history made of exceptional art, culture, and gastronomy. The city, famous for pizza and sweet delicacies, has much more to offer from an architectural and cultural point of view. Examples are the Royal Palace, Plebiscito square, the fortress ... Read More The…
    • Explore the Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) by yacht
      Have you ever heard of Zlatni Rat (or Golden Horn), the hidden treasure of central Dalmatia? It is a wonderful strip of golden sand framed by shades ranging from turquoise to dark blue. This is the portrait of one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia: Zlatni Rat. Follow us in this short article if you are interested in finding ... Read More The post Explore the Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) by…