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    • Another Day in the Scrap Mines!
      This happened yesterday!((And Lola helped - sort of!))My amazing friend Carrie sent a couple of boxes of "hunks and chunks" as she called it - destined to find their place in future quilts.As Susan busied herself making all things right with the upstairs at Quiltville Inn (Tuesday was downstairs day, Wednesday is upstairs) I had some time to paw through the gift boxes of awesome fabric scraps and…
    • Me? Appliqué?
      I know, I know….I’m not good friends with that A word…. but I decided to give applique in my embroidery machine a try. Did you know that Accuquilt has free embroidery files to go along with their applique dies? I … Continue reading →
    • ThermOWeb has a new product, HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl, and it is amazing! By adding one, two, or three layers of HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl to fabric, it creates a layer of pliable, permanent protection including a semi-gloss oilcloth look.Creepy Bunny gave his approval for this Halloween pillow that has one coat of HeatnBond Liquid Vinyl on it. It’s perfect for my porch that occasionally gets some wind…
    • Another quick one
      It all fit on the truck!!! I can’t tell you how much I’ve been stressing over that and how relieved I am. Keith supervised the loading and the movers are on their way to GA. Keith still has a few tasks to complete in Tampa so he won’t be coming this way until Saturday. I’ve … Continue reading Another quick one
    • The Wednesday Wag.
      I was busy this morning keeping an eye on our home as Mom had to take Youngest to work as his car was in for a service.  I was in stealth mode when she came back at the top of the stairs where I can see upstairs and downstairs!!! I was then outside looking after […]
    • Moving Day
      The phone calls and texts from Keith started shortly after 8am so at least the movers showed up on time. Crossing my fingers that all goes well with the packing up in Tampa today and that it ALL fits! We chose these movers for two reasons. 1) they do a point to point move – … Continue reading Moving Day
    • June in the Garden
      The floral show continues in June with daylilies and more coming along. I am delighted with these snapdragons, so many pretty colors and such a profusion of blooms. Medium pink above, and the lighter pink below are side by side. The yellow ones behind are coming into bloom too. Of course, I love the purity … Continue reading June in the Garden
    • Bye Bye, BEASTS!
      The BEAST Quilters loaded it all up and were on the road toward their home destinations as of yesterday morning.Farewells are SO HARD!I can still hear the echoes of their machines and laughter ringing, even though the house is silent and empty. (But only until this afternoon!)Did You Click to Read the Whole Story?
    • What happens when you 'Goof Up' and Charity Row #7!
      Oh my... the goof ups lately.. Watch my video to hear about them Charity Sew Along Row #7 'Daily Video with tips on making the Garden Path FREE Garden Path Pattern Share your Charity Quilt so far at the end! Have you Joined My Fun and Friendly World Wide Quilt Community yet? of 193,000+ quilters from around the world! *** Charity Sew Along Row #7…