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    • Are we the last generation -- or the first sustainable one? | Hannah Ritchie
      The word "sustainability" gets thrown around a lot these days. But what does it actually mean for humanity to be sustainable? Environmental data scientist Hannah Ritchie digs into the numbers behind human progress across centuries, unpacking why the conventional understanding of sustainability is misleading and showing how we can be the first generation of humans to actually achieve it.
    • Colombian President Gustavo Petro: Full Interview on Democracy Now!
      Colombian President Gustavo Petro joins Democracy Now! for an exclusive broadcast interview after his address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, where he spoke of the need to end wars and stop the climate crisis.
    • Democracy Now! 2023-09-22 Friday
      Headlines for September 22, 2023; As Rupert Murdoch Resigns from His Right-Wing Media Empire, Will His Son Lachlan Be Even More Extreme?; Despite “Symbolic Rebukes” of Israel & Netanyahu, Will Biden’s Legacy Be Apartheid?; Rep. Ro Khanna on “Chaos” in House as Shutdown Nears, UAW Strike & Murder of Canadian Sikh Leader
    • The simple solution to fast fashion | Josephine Philips
      Your favorite pair of jeans -- the ones you refuse to throw out -- are actually a part of a global climate solution, says fashion entrepreneur Josephine Philips. When you value your existing clothes instead of chasing the latest trends, you help reduce waste and protect our planet for generations to come. Learn more about the impacts of what you wear -- and the incredible power of repairing your…
    • The secret to successfully pitching an idea | Mar Hershenson
      Have a great idea but sure how to sell it? Investor and teacher Mar Hershenson has you covered. Whether it's sharing a new product with a client or vying for a promotion, these three steps will help you tell an irresistible story and get the "yes" you're looking for.
    • Democracy Now! 2023-09-21 Thursday
      Headlines for September 21, 2023; Colombian President Gustavo Petro on Ukraine, Palestine & Why Latin America Rejects Western Hypocrisy; World Must Decarbonize Before “Point of No Return” on Climate Crisis: Colombian President Gustavo Petro; Lift the Blockade on Venezuela & Cuba: Colombian President Petro Warns U.S. Sanctions Are Driving Migration; Colombian President Gustavo Petro Denounces U.S.…
    • Can AI help solve the climate crisis? | Sims Witherspoon
      "AI can be a transformational tool in our fight against climate change," says Sims Witherspoon, a leader at the AI research lab Google DeepMind. Using wind power as her case study, she explains how powerful neural networks can help us better predict Earth's changing ecosystems and accelerate the breakthrough science needed to create a carbon-free energy supply.
    • Democracy Now! 2023-09-20 Wednesday
      Headlines for September 20, 2023; Assassination of Sikh Leader in Canada Highlights Modi’s Embrace of Authoritarianism in India & Abroad; Colombian President Gustavo Petro: Charges Against Julian Assange Are “Mockery of Freedom of Press”; Australian Senator Peter Whish-Wilson Calls on U.S. to End the “Totalitarian” Prosecution of Julian Assange; “I’m Not a Criminal… Enbridge Is”: Charges Tossed…
    • How to supercharge renewables and energize the world | Rebecca Collyer
      The power sector generates the electricity that sustains modern life -- but it's also the number one contributor to climate change. We need a swift and equitable shift to renewable energy, says 2023 Audacious Project grantee and ReNew2030 executive director Rebecca Collyer. In conversation with TED's David Biello, she introduces a new coalition of governments, businesses and communities that aims…
    • Democracy Now! 2023-09-19 Tuesday
      Headlines for September 19, 2023; U.S. & Iran Complete Prisoner Swap; Iranian Protesters Mark One Year Since Death of Mahsa Amini; Bombs for Bailouts: Pakistan Supplied Weapons to Ukraine in Return for U.S.-Brokered IMF Loan; Shutdown Showdown: Far-Right Lawmakers Battle with House Speaker McCarthy, Risking Gov’t Shutdown; “Stop Financing Fossil Fuels”: 149 Climate Activists Arrested Blocking NY…